Investment Management

We manage your money
So you can manage and enjoy your life
In the volatile world of investing,
Wisdom means traveling with someone you trust.
Someone who has been there before.
Someone who listens to you.
Someone who looks after your needs like theirs.

A.I.M. Financial Group serves the investment management needs of high net worth individuals, trusts, retirement plans and philanthropic organizations throughout the United States. Through objective selection and oversight of world-class professional money managers, A.I.M. Financial Group builds a broad range of high quality client-centered investment portfolios. We believes that active management of your assets will yield a higher return over passive management. Even though we are located in the U.S., our investment scope spans the world in particular Asia, because it has the world’s fastest growing economy. From the financial capitals of China, Shanghai and Hong Kong to the Southeast Asian financial hub of Singapore, we will give you a thorough perspective of Asia and how to benefit from this new dynamic growth in the other side of the world.